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Not Good: Ordering "Extra Fast" In Lieu Of Obtaining A Specific Total

I’ve had this happen to me a few times: A Buyer selecting Extra Fast (mine is $40 for all Gigs) just so the Buyer can reach a specific purchase amount (usually what I quoted for the job). Don’t get me wrong… I totally appreciate all my clients and acknowledge how important you are to me. But here are reasons it is incorrect to assume it is okay to order Extra Fast unless it’s for the right reason:

  1. Extra Fast is an “additional” fee for delivering a rush order. It is not a “substitute”
  2. If turn-around is 5 days (for example), but rush is 2 days… Most sellers will likely stick with the 5 days. As a result, the system red flags the order in big LATE letters. Every hour that it’s not delivered, the messages to Sellers start taking a scolding tone
  3. I believe it can negatively impact a Sellers Fiverr standing… which can result in showing up really low or not showing up at all on search results. This is the part that really hurts Sellers

    Please read the gig extras carefully. If you need to reach a specific purchase amount, it only takes a few second to navigate and utilize the drop-down for multiple quantity. If it ends up you have to purchase a second time to meet the purchase amount, please do so. Another minute or so to purchase accordingly is fair and not a lot to ask.


Only if buyers understand a few simple things on Fiverr, lives for everyone will be easy. I don’t get why buyers believe that we as sellers are liable to explain how Fiverr works. Not that I refrain from doing that but half of these confusions arise because a Buyer expects us to teach them and give them a tour about how things are done here.

@deepnshkhurana I agree. I don’t get a lot of those who always need me to reiterate what’s in my gig or how it all works, but when I do it’s so time consuming on my part.

@emeraldawnn Actually, your suggestion is excellent: Add the disclaimer to my gig. I need to reduce the content on my gigs anyway… so this disclaimer, including copyright issues that I’m going to make legal I hope soon, will all eventually be added.

@theslackjaw This is yet another problem that needs attention. I haven’t come across this yet but it’s definitely counter-intuitive (or close to it, actually worse). It must be frustrating. Let’s hope the Fiverr Gods have this on their to-do list.

Best of luck to you all :slight_smile:

I’ve had that very issue… But, ever since I added a disclaimer to my gig about not ordering the extra fast to satisfy gig amount, I haven’t had the issue. I put it in a big, bold letters and highlighted it…

Maybe you can try that. I know people say buyers don’t always read… and that’s true but it’s worked for me so far… Course now that I say that, it’ll happen to me LOL.

I’m actually dealing with the same issue right now. A regular customer, instead of purchasing two gigs to satisfy the amount like my other regulars do, ordered the extra fast.

What bothers me is more of an issue with the way the system works than with the customer. Most of my other gig extras add time onto the delivery window because it will take me more time to do the extras as well as the original order. Extra Fast trumps this. I wish Fiverr would block the Extra Fast option when a Gig Extra is ordered that adds time onto delivery. That would solve my issue at least. From my perspective it’s an easy fix, but I realize from a tech perspective it might be more difficult.

I don’t use Extra Fast much, but it happened and not just once. Most people who ordered from me weren’t sure how to order multiple gigs, and I’d love to help each of them since I really appreciate my customers, but there’s really no space for that. When they go and purchase something, they could give it the extra few minutes to read it and learn how the site works! I personally wouldn’t put my money in site I wouldn’t understand. :frowning:

I completely agree. The biggest problem for me isn’t my average delivery time, it’s the fact that the buyer can cancel the gig 24 hours after it’s due to be delivered. Thus, if they change their mind or don’t know how fiverr works; it could lead to a negative review for me (which has happened once before).

I stopped offering a fast option for this reason. But then my type of gig doesn’t really need a fast option. Buyers have to make up the amount through multiple gigs etc.

I don’t think the lateness effects anything apart from your ‘average time to complete a gig’ figure. Unless the buyer complains of course. But as I work out a deadline with them first that hasn’t happened yet.