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Not got any buyer yet


Hello Fiverr Group ! I am new here and also new in I have made a gig in But not got any buyer yet. Can any one help me how to get first buyer?





Hello and welcome!

So… ya been on Fiver for like 2, 3 days?

The first rule on Fiverr is… wait for it… Be Patient!

Many Sellers will tell you it can take weeks and even months to crack the nut. Then it takes even longer to build momentum and really get going.

You need to research, test. tweak and retest your gig titles, descriptions and tags until you get a combination that starts showing up in the search.

Buyers don’t just jump on a gig because it’s new or really cool You need to attract them to you, by promoting your gigs out side of Fiverr on Social Media, FB, Blogs, etc.

It takes time for you to learn how Fiverr works, how Buyers judge and choose Sellers and for you as a Seller to learn how to deliver successfully on Fiverr.

Did I mention Patience?

Read the forum thoroughly, especially the Tips For Sellers section. Watch other Sellers and take good notes. You’ll get there.

Good luck! :slight_smile:



And starting out with 20 gigs is not the best move either, no matter what you’ve been told or read.

There’s a lot to learn about how the Fiverr marketplace works and too many gigs at launch can run your ship aground quickly.

Pick 1, 2 maybe 3 and work them hard and get some momentum going before you flood the place with gigs that may not now or ever be what buyers are looking for.

Peace :slight_smile: