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Not got any order yet

Hy I did not get any order… Thats disappointing for me… Chek what is wrong with my gigs.

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I have gone through your gig description and i think probably you should rephrase the whole thing. Your starting para looks unprofessional. Try to make it more simpler and professional. You can research other top sellers in your niche. If possible add video. It attracts more clients as they think you are more reliable than others. You can complete the fiverr course “Online freelancing essentials” to have more idea about fiverr. Another thing is to promote your gigs as much as possblie. Try to find your niche community and offer them to check you out.
Akil Ahmed Khan


I would rephrase your gig description. Add more text in paragraph form instead of mostly having bullet points. Also, run your description through a grammar checker. Having correct grammar will increase sales and buyer trust. I also recommend you improve your gig image. I think it would be best for you to do a blue background (as blue makes your gig seem trustworthy), the text “Quality Data Entry” and the excel logo beside that.

It does also take time for orders to come in. Hopefully these tips will help you, but you do just have to be patient. :slight_smile:

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The grammar isn’t the best, and I think the description could be written in a more professional way

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Okey. Thank u for your time :blush:

Thankx for your kind suggestions😊