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Not gotten 1 order despite being active for more than 2 months

I have selected the right tags, I have selected the right images and I have kept my pricing at the lowest possible but Im still not getting any orders. Can someone please take a look at my profile and tell me what I am doing wrong?

Link to my profile


Keep patience. Send daily all 10 request to buyer. Improve your skills.


How do you send requests to buyers? And how do I find buyers? Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Hey I am new to fiverr too. It has been around 50 days. I made my first sale in 2 weeks after which I have made 14 more. They were all through buyer requests. Few tips and tricks:
-make sure the buyer requests you are offering match your gig title with which you make the offer and you have a relative gig picture
-You have to be sure you know how to do the job, otherwise you won’t be confident and persuasive enough to attract the buyer.
-In the request you should make a unique personal offer, never a template. Mention what you will DO. Mention their business name and repeat what they asked you to do while being confident in yourself. They will know that you know everything about the job.
-make 10 offers each day religiously
-note the pattern when requests show the best in your country. And check requests at that time

  • Refine your offers to those you know best. Because you have limited offers to send
  • Make sure you have an attractive gig picture
  • Offer free sample sketch via inbox (eg logo)

You should be good to go!
Good Luck! :slight_smile:


Log in to>More>Buyer request.
Request show any time not fix time.
Continuously time to time watch this section.