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Not gotten my Fiverr Level 2 badge

It’s been over 2 months since I joined Fiverr (I joined in August this year), and I’ve completed more than 50 orders. (This is supposed to be the requirement for promotion to Level 2 seller status right?). I have a good rating of 4.9 and I’ve only had a total of 5 cancellations since joining Fiverr.

I am yet to receive my level 2 badge, and the level 1 badge is still on my profile! This sucks right now because I’ve worked so hard to attain Level 2 since the first day I joined Fiverr. Is there any advice as to what I should do?

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Just keep calm you will get you badge soon.


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Thanks burnbetty. Did you experience this too?

Yes I did, before I got my level one badge yesterday, you should get your badge before you 51st order I think

I have already completed my 51st order. My level 1 badge came quite easy, wonder why it’s not the same for level 2.

You will get it soon, mark my word.

Okay, thanks burnbetty :slight_smile:

you welcome:grinning:


I checked your profile and you still have 48 review, when your review hit 50 you will get it, kindly politely ask you buyer to review you base on the service you provide for them.

Thanks everyone for your concern and input (especially burnbetty). I contacted CS and they had the issue resolved! :grin::relaxed:

you got your badge now, congratulation, I will join you soon

Thanks girl! I can’t wait until you join in.


hi, yes i am having similar issue. Problem is that when you get a warning or cancellation they start evaluating things from start. So keep selling and also keep contacting support to remind them.