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Not grt any data entry job

I post a gig about data entry and complete the English test But I do not get any order? I don’t know why it is happening? I post this gig about 7 months ago and there is a low rate of view and even no click? Can anyone help me to fix it?
here is the link to my giggig


You joined fiverr from Nov2020, BUT only spend 7 min read time on this forum.

To become an succesful entrepreneur / freelancer , people need to do their homework first.
Try to learn and gain knowledge by yourself instead always depend on other people help.

About your gigs,

  1. You play on crowded field. DATA ENTRY and BG removal is very common here in Fiverr. Unless you have specific service and unique talent, you won’t get decent order. I don’t need to check your gigs because this services is almost useless for your income.

  2. “STANDART” COVER Letter and resume.
    People want to hire a professional with the best result. NOT A STANDART service.
    VERY BAD - gigs description. I’m speechless. I don’t think you are not serious being a fiverr seller.
    You even didn’t bother to check your competitor.

Overall… you need to change your attitude towards your own gigs and services.
Nothing can help if you didn’t want to give your best.


Thank you for sour suggestion.
Hope that It will help me a lot.
With best regards
Avishek Chowdhury

Which sector are you recommend for me t learn for freelancing? The easy and good one

There is no easy AND good. Just ‘or’.

. Are you a new seller? This is how you get more orders:
. How to get any orders at all ... and get more once you have a few
. Before you ask about HOW TO GET ORDERS or No Orders: READ THIS (MORE ORDERS, Tips, Buyers, First Order, Impressions, Sales)

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I think you need to change your attitude first. Lol.
Like i said before…, people like to hire from professional.
Professional offers a good result. To be able deliver good result, THERE ARE NO SHORT CUT.
You need to need to learn and improve your skill day by day and requires HARD WORKS.

If your mindset just want an easy path , i don’t think you can have good income anywhere.


Thanks all for your valuable words.

In your data entry gig you don’t specify in the package descriptions what you do differently in each.
eg. all 3 package descriptions say “I will give a best work for you.”. eg. do you work more hours in one package than you do in another or do more tasks in one package than another? If so maybe show that somewhere (like the package description).

The premium package seems to be exactly the same as the basic package apart from the package title and the price. Also maybe the premium package being called “Standard” might be a bit confusing.

Thanks for your constrictive solution