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Not happy with children advertising

i have noticed some gigs using children to,pose or advertise. One in particular the mother saying we will take a picture of my daughter. And extra gigs are the son etc. one picture even shows the girl with her shoulders and upper chest bare. Not the important bits I know. But I think it is distasteful

I know the parent is not doing it in for any alterior reason but there are strange people about trawling the internet

Especially as in UK we have a lot of paedophile cases with celebrities going on at the moment

i dont think for a minute that fiverr users are paedophiles but in this day and age you cannot trust anyone. They may order a picture then turn it into a sleazy thing

Sorry but as a grandmother I feel it is wrong for fiverr to allow this type of gig

Am I alone in this ?

Tough call. I see your point but I also know a single mother who uses her child in a very tasteful gig. Believe me, the money helps pay some of the bills and even put food on the table. So i could flip a coin and still not be sure which call to make.

There are so many children used in advertising, television and movies that this seems no different to me.

Like @misscrystal said, children appearing in ads, TV and movies is definitely common, and to me, there’s nothing wrong with that as long as the children aren’t being exploited or sexualized in any way. So while I don’t necessarily agree that it’s wrong or immoral for Fiverr to allow gigs that include children, I absolutely think it’s irresponsible, especially since Fiverr doesn’t do a great job of policing the gigs or their content. If I ran Fiverr, the last thing in the world I’d want is to find out that a user had been utilizing my platform to distribute child pornography or something like that.

While we all want to give people the benefit of the doubt, the reality is that you just can’t put anything past people. There are tons of crazies out there, and for Fiverr to allow and support using children in gigs (that they don’t police properly) that are bought and sold around the world on an internet platform may someday wind up as a recipe for disaster.

For example, I remember reading a thread on the forum about a month ago. Sorry, I don’t remember the exact thread in order to provide a link (and it may have even been removed due to its content), but the OP’s purpose of her post was to complain that a buyer had ripped her off somehow by not paying in full I think. However, in her post, she explained that the buyer requested that she send naked photos of her 5-year-old son. Somehow, she didn’t fully understand what that meant and sent the photos, thinking that the pics were simply for the purpose of being fun and silly. Well, what that means is that she distributed child pornography via Fiverr!

I know that Fiverr is not directly responsible for what its users do and cannot guarantee the legitimacy of gigs since gigs are in the sellers’ realm of control; that’s also detailed in their Terms of Service. However, at some point, the “not our problem - we’re not responsible” approach is plain reckless, especially since Fiverr doesn’t have a glowing track record of policing gigs on their platform.

I agree the gigs are very useful for income. Thats why i have just joined. All I am saying is these days one has to be really careful. Children holding a banner fully dressed is ok I suppose. I just think if the child does not know what the photo is for then it is morally wrong. I would be the last to deny someone an income in these tough times but only saying. Just think before you put your little kids on a gig. Think of who can abuse it and if you are doing it then keep the child fully clothed and ask the child. If they are too young to understand then do not use them. We all have cute kids and grandkids who would win gigs but I would never exploit them

Just my opinion


But advertising and tv is strictly controlled. I admit babies and toddlers are shown not dressed on top half of body but even so with the internet it is different somehow

ANY time you come upon a gig that you think is questionable, illegal or might break the terms of service, send an email to along with a link to the gig and a brief note explaining why you think there’s a problem. This opens a file with customer support, however what they’ll do is refer the link to the Fiverr content editors for review, and they will not send you any response about the outcome, so don’t expect one. This is for privacy reasons.

I’ve reported a number of gigs and also members that I suspected were using multiple accounts. If I happened to bookmark or remember the gigs or names, I’ve gone back to see if they’ve been deleted, and very often they have!

It’s okay to discuss options with others, but honestly, if you think something is wrong, especially if it concerns children, PLEASE err on the side of caution and report it to someone! The very worst thing that can happen is you were wrong or misunderstood the situation, and that’s it. Imagine how you’d feel if you did nothing, and your suspicions were correct. Wouldn’t you feel awful if a child were harmed? I know I would.

I know the idea of the gig is not wrong but using the words a very cute picture of my child holding your banner etc seems a little unsavoury

Yes this is why I put the wuestion here. Not knowing much about fiverr having just joined. Not sure if this was the type of gig that was often used. I dont want to seem staid but am a grandmother myself. Will note down the one I have seen and report it


A fully clothed child is not child porn.

misscrystal said: A fully clothed child is not child fragglesrock
No, not to you. But "pornography" is in the mind as well as a matter of opinion, and for pedophiles it may not matter how much clothing is involved. If you don't mind being objectified (or your children), then I guess it won't matter to you if some creep gets off looking at your picture.

By far the bigger potential problem is that unless the seller is savvy enough to delete or hide all the photo's hidden data, she could be sending a potential molester the exact location of her home.

Use your favorite internet search engine. Put in "Is there any danger to posting photos/children's photos online?" and you may be shocked to see the many stories from newspapers and magazines all over the world. The same risks exist by sending the photos to an online stranger.

How does a photos hidden data give an address of your home?

I’m pretty sure that many cameras & smartphones store the geolocation where the picture was taken. Unless you turn it off. Could be wrong tho.

They do. I did not know that information was stored so others could see it if you posted a photo online! My friend has tons of her child’s photos and those of her friends children on Facebook. I will let her know.

You just need software which reads the EXIF data of photos, and as @ricksper says, that often include GPS data. My graphics program can read it. Probably most graphics and photo-manipulation programs (like Photoshop) include the software, and you can get the software as a stand-alone. I used to use my program to embed copyright info (“This artwork is © N…2014 and cannot be used without permission”) as an extra measure to discourage theft along with using watermarks, for my artwork. All those words were hidden within the photo’s data, not visible to the eye, and could be read using the appropriate software.

If you want to be amazed at what can be discovered in a photo (from a variety of sources, including “Similar Image” files), look up “The View from Your Window” Game, or “The View from Your Window” Contest Archive.

And, this may be less of a problem, but still…posting photos online means people can steal them, manipulate them (put your face on an unclothed body? put your child’s photo in a photo with adults doing acts you consider perverse?) and use them in ways you don’t want. Case in point: a year or two ago, the internet buzzed with a story playing out in social media, supposedly written by a Canadian mother of 10 children, pregnant with her 11th, a doctor (!), who “shared” her family’s story, that one of her young children was fighting cancer, I think it was. “Warrior Eli” became his nickname, and the public bought rubber bracelets in support. The father was a RCMP member of an undercover horse patrol, or some inane thing, and one day he posted a heart-wrenching tale that his dear, doctor wife, mother of 10, was in a terrible car accident, caused by a drunk driver (of course), hanging on long enough to give birth, before dying. Except the entire saga was a hoax, and the dozens of “family photos”, including “Warrior Eli”, were all stolen from social media and photo sites and belonged to people from all over the world.

Reply to @celticmoon: Those damn Canadians!

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Reply to @regency85: ~lol~ The woman who perpetrated the hoax was American…to be expected, right? :wink:

Reply to @celticmoon: Laugh!

Thanks for being honest. :slight_smile:

On a somewhat related note, some of the nicest people I’ve met on Fiverr (and the BEST Sellers!)…

…are Americans.

And even, shock-of-shocks… the occasional Canadian!



A very good friend of mine when I was a kid was a French Canadian whose family had a summer cottage they visited every year (I lived in a mostly-seasonal-homes beach colony…morgue-quiet in the winter!), so I’ve always had a soft, mushy spot in my heart for our “northern neighbors”~! Plus, the places I’ve visited in Canada are GORgeous~! Even Toronto was fun, if you know where to go, or hang around with someone who does~ And when I get most discouraged about Americans and our reputation in the world, a Rob Ford comes along and makes me feel so much better.

Reply to @celticmoon: Your mush is appreciated. :smiley:

And as for Rob Ford, what the BIASED media and TV talking-face bimbos, DON’T want to tell you… is WHY Toronto PREFERS Rob Ford.

By the way, the Toronto Mayoral election is happening this year… and Ford is leading all candidates!


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regency85 said: By the way, the Toronto Mayoral election is happening this year... and Ford is leading all candidates!

Holy crap!