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Not happy with end product

This is my first go at using this site to get more designs for my Custom T-Shirt apparel business.
I created a post : looking for -T-Shirt design font is “I survived a week at BOYDY’S”
Must have picture of KTM dirt bike coming off a jump in the air and bush / trees in background plus camping and BBQ.

Now I went with a designer paid their fee .
Their first design nothing like I wanted .
So asked for a review and gave pictures of Font and colours of font and a hand drawing on what I wanted .
Again nothing like I wanted ,
Again asked for a review stressing what I sent him in our conversation.
Again seller sent me graphics
Again nothing like I wanted .
I just accepted image as I was over dealing with this seller .
In final image it has basic spelling mistakes and looks like cut and past pictures.
I do have the final graphics to prove.would you accept the design below?
What do I do from here ?


You shouldn’t just accepted the final product. Cancelling the order was a good idea.

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it seem the graphic is designed in paint … :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:
you must asked him for changes even if order status is completed .he will definitely help you.

my prayers are with you, friend.

The only recourse is to give them a bad review, since you already accepted the order as “complete”.

You need to shop around to get the best out of fiverr, so please do not let one bad experience sour you on the platform.

I needed an artist to illustrate a book I am working on, so I contacted several illustrators with the same scene request, and selected the seller with the best results. Most of them produced wonderful custom illustrations, but one (with great samples and a lot of 5-star reviews) gave me what looked like stock clip-art from the 90s. If I had placed a big order with that one seller, I probably would have been quite upset, but it was just part of the selection process for me.

If you are looking for an artist to build a long-term relationship with, order the cheapest gigs from a few sellers and find someone amazing! Or find a few that are amazing.


Horrible end product, I feel bad for you.

IF you are not happy with result then you can cancel the order and fiverr will send back your money except extra charges

Missing informations: budget and delivery time.


It’s not that simple. “I don’t like it” is not a valid reason for cancellation.
There has to be a good reason to cancel creative work. For example, if the seller’s work didn’t meet all the requirements and didn’t fix them in revisions then you are eligible for refund.

Let’s say the seller didn’t add a KTM dirt bike on the logo which was one of the requirements.


It’s not at all like that, you can get refund if you think that you want everything for free.

Fiverr cancelled my order and refunded the payment because client thought that he can do it by himself, my fault was that I provided him a tutorial in which I was explaining some part of Webdesign.

Wow. So much “NO” going on here.

Fiverr would have you given you a cancellation and refund because, despite going back and forth, you still weren’t pleased with the work. On top of that, the end product was MISSPELLED!!! If you’ve already accepted the finished work, there’s nothing you can do from here but for heaven’s sake, give the seller a rating that will warn others so they don’t fall into the same trap you did.

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