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Not Happy with Fiverr at all

I am so angry with this company!!! I need someone to contact me urgently!!!

I ordered from one of your sellers who then said they couldn’t complete my order, I asked for a refund, I paid $29.70 and she has only refunded me $25- I want a full refund!
To make matters worse every time I try to access messages or access my account I get a stupid message saying ‘oops’ you do not have access. It also said I have no requests so I can’t even follow up to see what is going on.

I want my money back (all of it) and my account closed, I do not want to deal with fiverr ever again!!! This has been a terrible and incredibly stressful experience!!
You need a phone number if your systems don’t work!!!


You are refunded $25 on your account balance, now you can spend that $25 on another gig without additional costs.

I feel sorry for you. But may be that you ordered the wrong seller, everyone is not that bad, I serve my clients with the best of what I can offer, they love me too and leave good ratings, I have served clients of mainly US and UK, and got two orders from an African man too.

About the money and refund, please contact fiverr customer support. There will be a customer who will chat with you and send you mails according to your necessity.

:thinking: and the seller can’t hold some amount of money as far as I know, if it is a single order, then you should get full refund.
Please contact support.
Thank you.

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I can understand it was a bad experience.But all sellers are not same.Many sellers are working here from many years and they are doing well,their services are fantastic.Clients go back with 100% satisfaction.

But unfortunately you did not get a good seller.Please contact support.Hope you will get what you want.
Thank you.


Yes but I paid $29.70 how is that fair??? What have I got for my $4.70 apart from wasting a whole heap of my time!!!??

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I can’t even get in contact with support- no phone number anywhere and when I try and send requests it gives me a stupid message saying ‘oops you do not have access to this page’, so frustrating!

And the $25 I did get was refunded to my fiverr account not the credit card I paid on… after this experience that is of no use to me as I never want to have anything to do with fiverr again!

I just want back what I paid I don’t want to ever have anything to do with fiverr ever again after this experience how is it fair that I am out of pocket when it was the seller who shafted ME!?!?

Don’t be upset.Accident can be happen with anyone.Forget this bad experience like a bad dream.Go ahead and give your best.Best of luck.

Thank you.

Well you get your money on account and you can use it on another seller how you are shafted ?!? Btw read reviews, READ gig offer and for sure you will find right seller for you ( fiverr have 100 000+ sellers btw)

It might be the processing fee of the fiverr. Seller Can’t take the partial amount from your single order.
In your next order you don’t have to pay the processing fee.

There isn’t anyone on the forum who can contact you.

The forum is not staffed by Customer Support. Only other buyers and sellers are here. Even the forum moderators do not work for Fiverr. No one here is in charge of other sellers.

The seller did not have control over the refund amount. Fiverr automates refunds. It is spelled out in the Terms of Service that you cannot get processing fees back.

If you already submitted a Support ticket, you should see any replies in your email notifications as well. If you haven’t submitted a ticket you can do so here, but Support has already refunded you what you are due, so there may not be a point.

I haven’t heard of Fiverr refunding processing fees so I think you’ve been given all you will get, but you can try to pursue it with more Support tickets. You can close your own account. Go here and see Account Deactivation.

Fiverr HQ is in Tel Aviv, Israel and Support is at a branch office in the United States. Since this is a global site, there would be no way to offer Support in all the languages used by buyers and sellers. I’m sorry you are so angry, but the Support system does seem to be working for most people so I’m not sure why you are having difficulties. There could be a bug in recent activity on the Support page. Check your email for responses and use the link I gave you to submit new tickets. Unfortunately, if that doesn’t work, using the forum to tell other buyers and sellers that Fiverr needs a phone number isn’t productive.

it is really clear in the Terms of Service that you agreed to. It states that you don’t get processing fees back. If you felt that was unfair, it was better to not agree to the ToS. I’m still sorry you had such a big problem, sincerely, but there just isn’t anything else the forum can help you with. Best of luck. :four_leaf_clover: