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Not happy with Fiverr

I need help! I’ve had the worst experience on fiverr. Over the last two weeks I had to cancel 2 developers. I needed a landing page with 5 pages. The people who I hired said they could do it, but they couldn’t! The second person made my landing page the way he wanted to make it. He didn’t ask me for my how I wanted to do it. I can’t find the right developer on fiverr, because the developers lie about their abilities. How can I find the right developer?

If you just need a landing page/website with 5 pages, you would probably be best served by simply purchasing a premium WordPress theme in a style which suits your business. This way, you can customize your site accordingly.

Price wise, I’m no web developer but have managed to build a pretty neat site on a budget of $300. Of course, that is not including working time. However, if I were to offer the kind of service you are looking for, I would charge $1000 minimum. In this case, maybe consider my advice. Alternatively, look to hire someone in that kind of price range.


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I honestly don’t like offering to build sites, even wordpress with premium themes. Mainly because it is so challenging to get the client exactly what they want for their website. If I were to offer my professional services, it would be like @cyaxrex above, $1000 minimum. My time is valuable and I have certain expertise that demands respect. :slight_smile:

That’s why I don’t do that on Fiverr, though I do offer that service in person to many clients, because I can sit down right next to them and tweak it to exactly how they want the site to be like.

Sorry for your poor experience!

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Try to spend few minutes and find a senior experienced developer. You will be able to get done it how exactly you need. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wouldn’t recommend WordPress. It’s very easy to penetrate. The amount of malware for it is astonishing.

I also agree with @abauer5188

My price for a website went high up and hit the $1,800 mark. Clients with such financial capabilities, believe me, would not cause troubles.

I had trouble with people that paid pennies and expected a Ferrari 458 Italia.

With websites it’s very touchy. Lots of things don’t work together, or the client starts wanting something else… Or changes his mind. A website also requires a lot of tweaks, to run well without bugs, and not to mention doing the mobile version too.

That’s why I charge a lot, write a huge contract, and get paid on steps with a money up front.

Whoever don’t like this, he can go and take his requirements somewhere else.

Compare now $1,800 for a news portal project I take. I can probably go $1,300-1,400 for a very small site. But compare that to the $100-400 services being offered often over the Internet.

It’s just hilarious.

It’s not a landing page, it’s a website. A landing page is a single page.

I think you actually need a consultant first. You need someone who would put together a project brief with requirements and points you in the right direction.

Yes, you will have to spend money on consultation, but if you find someone who actually knows what they are doing then you’ll save money and time.


I always message the buyer first before i decide to order from them.
From the Chat, we can learn about their service, after support and will able to know how good they are about their skill.