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Not happy with gig (not what I ordered)


Sorry, not sure if this is the right forum. But anyways.

Hello! Ordered a graphical designs gig 10 days ago, It was delivered tonight however it is not as I expected nor as I wanted it in the order.
The sizes (which I’m going to have adjust myself) and colors are all wrong and it looks extremely simplistic and rushed compared to the sellers other work. I asked for a specific element/theme which was not included.
Now he says on the gig page that if someone is unhappy, it’s ‘‘Money back!’’. So if I open a dispute saying that I’m unhappy with it and wish for the order to be canceled, is he obligated to comply with my wish? Even though the files have been delivered on the last day before the deadline?

What can be done here? I don’t want to have wasted my money as I have very little of it. And don’t get me wrong, he seems very talented. But I absolutely hate the project he made for me.


You can ask the seller to revise or do what you have paid for, you can ask for the refund as well.


Sorry! I accidentally posted before I had typed my story :stuck_out_tongue:

Since he has delivered the files although they’re all either the wrong size or color, can he just refuse to give me my money back? Is the only thing I can do then to write a bad review? Sure if the gig matched with what I wanted, but it’s just all so wrong and not even close to what I imagined.

I’ve asked him to revise several times, including changing the design on some parts but he said that he prefers them the way they are. I’m really scared to lose my 50$ and I could do a better job myself.

Keep in mind that on his gig it says ‘‘Not happy? MONEY BACK!’’


No, you can get a full refund. Ask him to revise as you want or refund if he is denying to do that go to the order page on top right corner click on “Resolve Now” and follow the steps to get the refund or you can directly ask the customer support to cancel the order.


I did a dispute where I stated that I’d like to cancel the order due to me not being happy with it. Was that the right thing to do? I don’t want to mess up his reputation in any way, but I do want my money back.

Is he obliged to give me my money back, since he states that if a customer is not happy they get their money back?


You took a right step to get your money back. Yes, he is bound to refund as he mentioned in his gig description(according to you).


Great, thank you for your help Designer_pro2!


Pleasure, I am glad to help you.


I’m not sure if I post in the right place, I would like to have an info.
I’m about to place an order for an 3D animation video which will cost me around 1600$, even if I’ve had checked and chat a lot with the seller, i’m still afraid in case the quality of the animation or of the project is to fare from what I’m expecting, as there is so much different quality in 3D animation, what will happen if even after the revisions I’m still not happy? I had experience with a really small amount of money but with this amount I can’t go in a wrong direction.
Thanks for your answers


Could you try placing a (very) small order with your seller first, just to see you both get on?

There is, which is why you could spend a small amount of money, or as large an amount as that you’re considering. You need to know 100% what you’re going to get before you consider spending such a large amount - portfolio, examples, chat with seller etc.


I’ve an option to place a 300$ order for just the 3D elaboration of 1 character and to make him move but the price will not be reduced from the main order, even if this character and moves are included inside the main project, of course, it’s more attractive the full amount which included 10 characters and 1mn animation in comparison of just 1 character, that’s my dilemma


Hello, I illustrate books and a total price of one can go up to 600-1k, I understand it’s a risk for a client because art and artists can be unpredictable so I ALWAYS, ALWAYS do one illustration first before we start a book. Also, unless client prefers otherwise, it’s unusually a page that can be used if approved and deducted from the whole order. I think there must be a way for you to pay a smaller sum to see what you will be getting and it would only be fair if it would be a part of the main thing that could be deducted.


Some sellers have the milestones feature where the main order can be done in stages where you decide whether to accept each stage before continuing. Maybe you could go with one of the sellers who have that.

You could choose a seller who would reduce the price from the main order for already completed work.
eg. if they’ve already created the character for one order they don’t need to create it again for the full animation order - so they should (I assume) be able to create it for less than they would if they were charging to create the character and animate it. Maybe you’d need to contact the seller and get a custom offer if you’re only looking at set package prices.


Yes, I did 5 comics books already, and of course with draws it’s more easy to see with 1 page if you like the style or not but with animation it’s another level of work, time and finally cost. I maybe should look after another artist which include the first job inside the final package, I don’t understand why it’s not possible for him, he said it’s because of rendering ect…that’s why I’m not so sure, I’ve no experiences in 3D animation and I don’t know how it’s works but I feel it strange even if the chat was good and he has 5 stars for few jobs already…


I’ve asked for milestones but he said he doesn´t do it this way, it’s actually a custom offer he did for me and the price sounds good to me just that I’m not comfortable to pay upfront without any security of the quality of the work.


Not all sellers/categories have milestones available to them.

You can’t guarantee the quality of anything you buy before you see it. But that’s how Fiverr works, you can’t pay for it after the work’s done either.

Please don’t spend $1600 to find out.

Agreed! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your help, i will have to find another seller I guess, because like you all said and what I’m thinking to, if there is not a way to agreed on a smaller amount first to be able to see the work that will be deducted from the main project, then of course it’s too risky!