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Not Happy With The Results!


I had never used Fiverr before and decided to give a try. I was planning on having a website built but decided that I would first try my luck with something simple (a logo).

Firstly, you browse the list of Fiverr service providers. You pick someone who you think that you could trust to provide a good product and then you make contact. You exchange a couple of simple emails about what you want and how much you are prepared to pay. Then you pay for the finished product in advance.

A day or so later, you receive a few draft examples (for me they were 5 logos). None of them were what I was looking for. Perhaps I didn’t explain myself well enough. I emailed back and tried to clarify a little bit better what I was looking for.

Around the same time, you also receive a request to rate the quality of service that you have received. Everything seemed fine. They were quick to respond, courteous, all seemed good. I gave them a 5 star.

A day or so later I receive another draft. This one is better. Change the colour a bit and I’ll be happy.

When the final logo did arrive, it appeared to be fine. I sign off and say thank you. I uploaded one of the “banners” onto my facebook page. Once uploaded, I notice that the logo is of poor quality and appears out of focus!

I again reach out to the seller. I explain to them that the logo appears out of focus and ask for them to clean it up. I am told to download Adobe Illustrator and basically fix it myself. I’m sorry! I’m not tech savy and that’s why I hired them for the service. I reach out again. Their response “We had provided adequate amendments in the design after which you had finalized the logo design.”

And there you have it. They provide you with 5 initial designs ( none of which I could use), make a couple of “amendments” and after that, that’s what you get!

For me, the finished product that I received is something that I can’t really use. Unfortunately I didn’t see that until it was uploaded it and by then I’m out of luck! They have received my money and my 5 star rating, both of which I wish that I could take back!

Not Happy With The Results!


Sorry to hear that.
I don’t know if it’s okay but if it is then can you send me these logos in zip file here so i can see it…


Thanks for the offer but I think from now on I will only deal in person.


Sorry to hear about your experience. You shouldn’t accept the order in the first place since you didn’t get what you asked for. You should’ve kept the order going until he delivers what you first signed for. And if he failed to do that, you could’ve got your money back.


Hello, that shouldn’t have happened and it’s a shame someone as nice as you seem to be has to experience that.

What you got should have been something you could use on facebook.
They probably did it with some automatic logo maker.

It should have had the size specified in the gig description and been large enough to show on facebook.


In all fairness, I get sent God awful Fiverr created logos and absolutely brilliant big brand logos to use as watermarks on videos. In almost every case, I need to resize these to a resolution which will work when presented in a video format. If I was making letterheads, business cards, or putting a logo on the side of cruise liner, the same would apply.

If you buy a logo from a graphic design studio, you will usually pay a price which includes a logo pack which is basically different resolution logos intended for different purposes. The point is, any logo will need to be sized and presented a little differently depending on the use case.

It is entirely possible (since you say you are happy with your logo design) that your present use case requires it to be resized and which can usually be easily done in a program like GIMP (freeware) by anyone. This being the case, you might want to consider the fact that your seller can’t reasonably be expected to anticipate every possible use case you might want to use your logo in.

Not being tech savy is fine. The problem is that even when you are outsourcing different elements of whatever business you plan on setting up, you will need to learn basic things like this yourself if using (I’m assuming) a budget designer anywhere.


Images uploaded to Facebook are HEAVILY compressed, and, as a result can look blurry and out of focus. If this is what is affecting your uploads, then it would be Facebook’s issue, and not the fault of your buyer. The best way to see the quality of your logo (delivered by your Fiverr seller) is to open the file on your computer. If it looks sharp, crisp, and high-quality, then the Facebook upload is the issue. And, alas, there isn’t much that you can do to get around the compression/blurry issue on Facebook. It is what it is.

A word of advice: According to Facebook’s image upload recommendations, for best display quality, all images uploaded to Facebook should be under 100 KB in size. Facebook doesn’t compress images of 100 KB or smaller. But anything larger than that will look blurry and out of focus.