Not Happy :(


I know many others have posted about this, but I want to add my own complaint and suggest that the level system be changed so that individual cases can be reviewed and possibly fixed.

My seller level was knocked down to 1 because I had several people IN A ROW order gigs without first reading the description. I clearly state in my book trailer gig that I do not represent erotic books, yet people still order trailers for them. I had to cancel all those gigs within just a few days of each other, and then I had a couple of gigs that needed mutual cancellations because the buyer ordered the wrong gig.

It is not fair to punish the seller for these types of things. I have worked hard to keep my customers happy and maintain a 100% rating. Being knocked down to level 1 because of buyer error is a slap in the face.

Yes, I realize I can earn levels back. The point is that I shouldn’t have to. I have already done my part to work hard and keep my customers happy and returning, so I should be able to keep what I have earned.

Would love to see something implemented that allows sellers to get their level back when it is clearly not their fault that they were knocked back.


Its an automated system of levelling up or down…


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It gets mentioned all the time… if the cancellations weren’t your fault, and you don’t mind waiting, there is a good chance Customer Support will reinstate your levels. Depending on who you communicate with in Support, they may tell you that levels are an automatic system and they can’t do anything about it. At other times, they will go ahead and fix it for you.

All you can do is ask and then patiently wait for a response. Best of luck!