Not having a good day so far - Status of my first purchased Gog says Completed! Eh! NO


OK, so I’ve made my first purchase (It was for an eBook cover designed and provided as transparent PNG).

I received a preview (jpg), and had to chase up the finished product. No problems so far, chat back and forth, no problem. Logged on this morning, half the chat-conversation has gone, the last two days chat is missing from the chat conversation (trust issue no.1).

The seller had a few active listings, and now has none (my spider-senses are tingling).

I’ve sent the seller a message asking for the PNG, lets hope I get an answer.


Losing $5, not much of a lose, but losing faith that the Fiverr system is one I can trust, now that’s a biggie


If the seller is still here, go to your order page and click on ‘resolution center’ (next to the order number #FO…). You can either request a modification, to re-open the order (the seller won’t be able to close it without “delivering” something to you, nor will he or she get paid in two weeks), or a cancellation. The seller has to agree to the cancellation, but if he or she continues to not deliver what you paid for or has disappeared, please file a report with customer support (click the blue words or click “Help” on any page of the Fiverr website, then click “File a report”, upper right corner. Continue to follow directions) who can force the cancellation if the seller continues to be uncooperative and credit your funds to you.

Whether $5 or $500, you should get what you paid for, and which the seller agreed to sell to you.

Most of us are honest people doing honest work. When we come across dishonest members, whether buyers or sellers, we need to report them to keep Fiverr a better place for everyone. Sorry about your first buying experience being less-than-ideal~


Problem seems to have sorted itself out, and a bug of sorts that didn’t allow me to pot Gig requests.

I’m happy with my purchase, and have mentioned that fact of this very forum (credit where its due is my motto)

Thanks for the reply guys, appropriate it…


poor gog bro. good luck with your gog. joshing