Not having job till yet


One of my latest gigs got a 70 up impression but when I do award a job. Since I waiting for a long for this.


if you are getting somewhat impressions and no work - think logically - make your gig appealing and change your TRAFFIC RESOURCE …


make sure you write your description professionally and clear on what you provide use some good quality vibrant color images related to your service add faq’s


Suggest me specially seeing my each gigs that where is the lacking and what should not to do or should to do. Please specifically show my errors that I can improve in those fields as I am totally new one in this arena market.
Thanks a lot for kind response.


Your prices are way too expensive for gigs without any reviews, your images could be much better, and your gig description doesn’t match the title of your gig offering.

Sorry if that seems like a lot, but it should give you somewhere to start. Good luck! :sunny:


Dear Writter,
Before you can become a writer you should learn how to spell :wink:



You description reads:

This is where you make your pitch to potential buyers. Describe your background, your passion and your personality.

This is the default text that comes with your profile page. I would start by changing that.


I will your word expert handwriting to type


You are a writer but you have not much more time to rewrite them in computer. Then I am here for you

No, you are not.

For advaced level and quality type writing specially in English typing within you asked time bound I can provide deliver your job. Sinc long I have been doing such as work in work. As you are so busy and top writter you need a helper man who will type your hand writing side by side develop the content error free. I can review your docs for spelling error. gramatical error and sytax error.

I refuse to believe that you created this Gig in earnest.