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Not hearing back from professional sellers

Dear Fiverr, After my 2nd or 3rd or possibly 4th attempt to get someone to actually take my business (which includes an offer to pay extra for RUSH delivery) I’ve become completely disenchanted with this service. Several have not replied to requests and some, who I actually correspond with briefly, drop the correspondence altogether. If someone can’t communicate with customers, they need to be blocked from selling. There should be a mandatory response to each query, or at least an automated response so that the buyer knows they are busy and will get back to them later… or that they are overloaded with work. Failure to respond should not be an option!!

Well, it is as it is…maybe they did not want to take on your project! If they cannot communicate then they certainly don’t deserve your business!!! I am very sorry you are having such a bad experience. Don’t think all the sellers are the same though, there are plenty of sellers who pride themselves with great customer service and communication. Don’t give up yet :slight_smile: Good luck finding the perfect match

When he started the project I laid out COMPLEX plans. I think they overwhelmed him since he had his own ideas and he simply dropped all communication . I wrote him to “tell me” if he couldn’t do it please, no answer. Hmmmm