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Not Impressed So Far

My first experience with this website is not so good. All I asked the provider to do was trace an existing logo and clean it up. Not only did they not offer any service but just decided it wasn’t worth it I guess. I would not waste your money here. The provider bailed on me and I did not get a refund only a credit which i care not to use. In short, this site sucks.

I would stay away from this user fragglesrock and this website all together.

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I also find no way to contact admin to complain so once you spend money here it is gone. Forget it.

Sheriff’s Note: You are welcome to contact Customer Support by submitting a ticket.

Fiverr Customer Support

Please do not put down the whole site and it’s members because of one bad experience. From what I saw so far there are a lot of wonderful hard working people here that have had great projects done.

You can ask for a refund and if he refuses, just contact support.

If I am not issued a full refund I will surely make those on YouTube aware to stay away from this website. I have over 50,000 subscribers who will be ready to hear about the bullshit that goes on here.

Sheriff’s Note: You can use this direct link:

Fiverr Customer Support

This is just another bullshit site where desperate people need work and pick easy jobs but when a real job comes they ditch it for the easy crap.

You probably just chose a wrong person, no reason to be mad, ask for a mutual cancellation and if the seller refuses, send a ticket to the support. You can find it when you hover over your profile and click on ‘help’. Don’t blame the site. :slight_smile:

Edit: just saw your reply, have you asked for a cancellation yet? It might take a while for the support to answer

and this user fragglesrock escape a review which is also bullshit. She just decides she doesn’t
want to do the work so now I am stuck with this crap.

Fiverr Customer Support

There is no customer service here. what is the link. It does not exist.

Sheriff’s Note: You can use this direct link:

Fiverr Customer Support

It was linked in an above post? I think naming/shaming and linking (not sure) is forbidden, but I am pretty sure you will be able to get your money back. If she delivered the order, you can leave a review. If she hasn’t when the estimated time is up, you will be able to cancel it. If you really can’t find the link, just go to the ‘help’ link right under ‘settings’ and you will have ‘submit request’ in the upper right corner.

Wow… I understand your frustration… but not all of us are scammers, and it really annoys me to be lumped in such a category. Want the link to Fiverr Customer Service? Do you see in your earlier message where Customer Service is highlighted? Click on it and you’ll be directed to Fiverr Customer Service where you can submit a request. You may have to register an account with the CS part. I can’t really remember that part - been here for close to 5 years now - in order to submit a request.

Fiverr CS will look at the situation - they’re now looking at each situation and will decide on whether or not to provide you a refund to your PayPal or credit card. However, this is on an infrequent basis. Most times, you’ll just get a credit.

There’s no reason to lump all sellers together just because one seller did you wrong. Perhaps it’s because you’re newbie buyer that you’re having such difficulties. However, there are many of us who have earned our keep here because we provide the best service possible.

Remember, hit the lightened Customer Service link to bring you to the page you need.

Good luck!

Sheriff’s Note: Anyone can use this direct link:

Fiverr Customer Support

You got the credit so you can hire someone else. Why not do that instead of attacking Fiverr over one bad experience?

Well this meltdown was entertaining.

I, for one, look forward to seeing you your frothing YouTube review and seeing what your 50,000 YT subscribers think. Isn’t this the internet equivalent of “don’t you know who I am?!?!”.

Sorry you had a bad experience, but going on a complaint rampage and shouting at people trying to help you isn’t an endearing trait, artisantony.However, I think I’ve already found you over on YT and I think your demographic would be a bit nonplussed. But sure, go for it! I want to watch it! Fiverr is, of course, a terrible indictment on the present state of America and its shameful descent into slothful laziness that is turning this country away from all the values that once made it great. I love a thundering rant me, so get to it.

If a video is produced, (I too, checked out his youtube page) I honestly believe it has the potential to become a meme.

@artisantony Sorry for your unfortunate experience. But please don’t generalize that all sellers are like that. Just like how one bad person doesn’t make a bad country.

Here is the link again in case you missed it and you can still contact Customer Support to help you on your need for a refund. :slight_smile:

Fiverr Customer Support

Just saying, but it might not really be the person who has the youtube account with 50k :slight_smile:
When this post was created, I checked the youtube account and it said the account was last active 8 hours ago. Not sure why he would be on Fiverr if he had already been off his youtube for 8 hours. Might still be him though, just a possibility that someone’s using his nick.

Maybe he didn’t get his logo done, but it seems he’s getting a few hits on his youtube channel thanks to Fiverr :smiley:

If you didn’t read up on how to cancel a gig properly or how to contact support and get a refund first of all, how is that anyone’s fault but your own for diving in head first and blindly ordering a gig in the first place?
Amazing what reading can actually do isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve used Fiverr twice. One for a phone message gig which was absolutely fantastic. The other for designing a new company logo, which beyond poor! I requested a refund and had it within minutes as a credit.

I think Fiverr is a great site; keep up the good work!