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Not Improving gig impression

How can i improve my gig impression.
Please put some tips
advance thank you :slight_smile:


share your gig in social media


You can share your gig in different social media with relevent topics of you gig. It will help you to get more click and view and growing up of your gig impression. Thanks

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Improve Gig:

  1. Chose an attractive image for your gig.
  2. Do SEO of your image.
  3. chose strong keywords for your gig search on Fiverr.
  4. Keep promoting your gig on social media. (twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc)
  5. Dot copy the description from other sellers gig.
  6. set the price badge on current market competition.
  7. Create Your gig badge on customer demand.
  8. Make your gig for specific customers who really need your service. then you will get more orders.
    Hope this correction will help you get impression.

Best of Luck… :slight_smile: