"Not Interested" feature for Buyer Requests


I find this very odd, but apparently when you do a “Request a Gig” and people submit their offers, there is no way to remove ones you aren’t interested in working with. I just want a simple “X” button for them to disappear and not be able to re-submit their service for that particular request again, and to clear out clutter. It must be a mess to sort through for those that get 50+ submissions. This should improve the potential sale potential so I wouldn’t see why Fiverr wouldn’t implement something like this. Thoughts?


I think archiving those messages might work in terms of clearing them from the list of the ones you want to deal with. :slight_smile:


@kjblynx Oh we can hope. One day, perhaps.


They need to do major work with the buyers request function. In Fiverr V1 it was way better. In this version , as a seller , we are only able to respond to “buyers requests” with a gig that is PRE-SELECTED BY FIVERR…

I repeat , we cannot choose which gig we want to show the buyer when we click on their request… We are forced to show that buyer a gig that (most of the time) has nothing to do with the request.

And what gig is shown is probably based on the keyword density of the buyer request at the time. So If I have 2 video gigs , and one offers a commercial and one offers a testimonial. There is a high possibility we can apply for a commercial request but are only able to show that buyer our video testimonial gig.

this system is so stupid it makes you wonder about the programmers they have and how their design team communicates with said programmers based on the 100’s of posts WE have been posting about this issue since V2 launch.