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"Not Interested"

I just got into an exchange with a Shopify design seller. He has lots of good reviews, Level 2 Seller. Great! I requested he submit a proposal for a redesign of my Shopify landing page. He doesn’t have gigs on his page, you have to email him a request. I went to bed.

When I look at my computer this morning his one line message to me was “Not Interested!”. So, I asked him why. He came back (within 1 minute) with “No time.”

If he hasn’t got time to do the job he’s pushing surely he should pause his Fiverr advertising?

I’m a little confused by your comment that, “He doesn’t have gigs on his page, you have to email him a request.” If he doesn’t have any gigs on his profile page, you shouldn’t be working with him. It is against Fiverr’s rules to accept or pursue work on Fiverr outside of the terms and functionality of a gig.

Time to let it go. I would have quit thinking about it as soon as he said no.

I think what @spurssss meant was he used the “request a custom order” option to contact the seller which is valid within the Fiverr rules.

I don’t know how it works with shopify gigs but I get a lot of requests to take a look at people’s websites and give them a quote for what they need writing etc. The trouble is, if I start doing assessments of people’s websites I’ll never actually get any work done.

I never answer such requests so abruptly as your seller has but my guess is that they have stated very clearly what they offer in their gig description and have had a bad run of potential buyers asking them to do work for less or work that they don’t actually offer.

Next time maybe try and figure out exactly what you need and place an order. In the real world, after all, you would have to pay someone a consultancy fee to tell you what work you need doing and sellers on Fiverr simply can’t justify providing this service for free several times a day.

If he doesn’t have time, then that’s his right, he maybe swamped with orders or have a personal crisis, just because buyers want or order a gig, doesn’t mean we have to do it, especially if we say NO or don’t have the time, you should honor it and move on and find someone else, simple logic really.

I once sent a very polite no (it’s a c&p so it’s super polite and takes me like 1 second to “write”) to someone. They got really angry with me and demanded to know why I was actively advertising my services if I wasn’t available. Like Jekyll and Hyde transformation angry.

I didn’t respond, as the response rate didn’t matter by that point and obviously I was too busy eating some popcorn. As everyone else has said, if a buyer says no, just move on. It could be any reason, but why waste time discovering? Most people appreciate the quick response and continue the search.

Wow, congrats on becoming a moderator @jonbaas … I always wondered why you weren’t one, finally, they made you one. You are the superstar of Fiverr forum, always have great advice for all, especially newbies. Good luck in your new role!

If I may, there are three others who deserve to be moderators - Eoin, MissCrystal and Emmaki - that is, if they want the job. I would imagine FastCopyWriter wouldn’t want the job.

@writer99025 - Thank you. Although, I don’t really consider myself a “forum superstar”, I’m just helping keep the forums clean of spam, new users informed and inspired, and the discussions fair and beneficial. :slight_smile:

Well all I can say is, from the last week of Dec, 2015 since I started coming to this forum, I have always asked myself - this guy is not a moderator? - every time I read your posts… :slight_smile: Well, now you are.

@writer99025 - Unfortunately, I can’t comment as to the process by which someone becomes a moderator. That’s not a decision that I get to make. :wink:

Well, thank you. I appreciate the kind thoughts.

It’s amazing how they rage after you try and explain why you can’t or won’t do their gig! I straight up tell buyers to send me a msg first because I may have other gigs with this thing called PRIORITY and they may have to wait in line, they conveniently forget that there’s other ppl that buy your services, either that or they just don’t care? :slight_smile:

In some cases, the rage may be because that they have now “wasted” so much time researching the best sellers for their gig. I typically research mine for months (bluetooth headphone recommendations welcome, price, looks etc not a barrier–I’m still browsing…)

Anyway. This particular breed sets their heart on you, and in an age where most of us can get most things instantly without trouble, that’s annoying. A “no” is just a kick in the sack. Who cares about priority for better paying customers, or people who have just said “let’s give it a go, it’s only $5”.

Really, buyers, I like my messages to say something like “Hi, I need 5 pages of web content, maybe 4-500 a page for a dildon’t business. It’s for a client of mine, and I’d like it back by [date]. Can you work on this and give me a quote? Please let me know if you have questions.”

Compare to “I want good write no scamers pleise”. Or even just 500 words of “I just started a business and it’s going really well but I need some help lol and I couldn’t help but [snip]”.

I note in the inbox update FAQ forum thread that some top sellers who don’t frequent the forum are complaining about it because they get 50+ messages a day. They wouldn’t say it, but I will: most of those messages are garbage. They said “we just won’t look anymore”. It makes sense.

Today’s PITA buyer emphasized a winter sale, so my copy did. REVISION: “actually we’re not in winter sales mode anymore, could you change that?”

Yes, I will change the 2 words in this $5 copy of this 10 word gig for you, and spend a lot more time advising you to give good briefs, you tit.

One final point that many might have missed: resellers/middlemen etc are fine. Reputable ones sub-contract and let you know. $5 fly by night and whip the hide of your ass for their mistakes won’t.

There’s no magic in telling the difference. More importantly, if a reseller/middleman tells you of the fact, you can work to build your own quote with them and make a real partnership.

Food for thought, among a lot of other stuff. I have 3 months free this summer to go and do whatever I like. Tel Aviv might be a place to lay my hat.

That’s when I send them a $100 custom order. Poof.

Tried that once, the buyer choose to accept what I had quoted, I had to deliver, and left a good tip and review. :slight_smile:

I charge re-sellers/middlemen/outsourcers/scammers whatever you want to call them double at least, I mean after all they’re duping their “clients” by charging them at least twice what your price is and because most of them obviously have no idea how to do the work themselves they’re usually desperate to get the work done, esp if they have deadlines, so all in all it pays to out dupe the dupers!
Even better is if you can squeeze them for their clients details, some of these guys are so stupid they tell you who their clients are, oops because I always contact them and tell them exactly what’s going on, 9/10 they ditch the fool and jump on board with me, I call that karma! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep normally anything over $5 thins the herd, LOL