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NOT LOVING IT... a customer or a scammer?


It was a bad day on super freelancing forum.
I am really upset, can anyone tell me which fiverr FORUM is good to alert others about a customer scam?
I also want that how i can deal with it?:slightly_frowning_face:


Hi azeemsarfraz.

You’re probably best using the contact page and submitting a support ticket:

You may also find this information useful also:


Mark C - FourthLevel


I think “Fiverr Stories” and “The Ranting Pot” are good forum rooms to share the bad experiences you have had with scamming buyers.


I am sorry that you had to go through this rough phase on Fiverr… My sympathies are with you. If you feel like it, maybe you could share more about your particular experience with this suspected scammer (please remember: It is against Forum rules to reveal the buyer’s name/identity here. If you wanna post an image which has buyer information in it, make sure to erase/hide it). Also, as the person above mentioned, it is best to contact CS and try to resolve it with them. It is only natural to be upset/angry cuz of this experience of yours. But, I suggest that you relax a little, collect your emotions together and try and be polite when contacting CS. I wish you the best! :+1: :smile:


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