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Not marked as accepted

Just a quick question. I’m new, sorry if somewhere there was similar question. So I had an order, my I sent my client 2 versions in a small size, the buyer said thank you and that he likes the second version. I sent the proper files by “deliver” option and…that’s it, the client didn’t contact me anymore or even marked the order as accepted. What now? Will I get my money somehow? What is the procedure?

Thank you.

Even if the buyer doesn’t contact you again, once you deliver the work it will automatically be marked as completed in 3 days. It could be that your buyer is busy with other things at the moment and has not yet seen your message, or they are new to Fiverr themselves and don’t know how to mark the Gig as complete.

But don’t worry, you will still get your money. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I’ve had plenty of buyers who don’t mark the Gig as completed until a few days after I have delivered.

Hope that helps!

don’t worry It’s normal as ‘maddisont’ said

Thank you very much!