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Not my style

I was contacted by a buyer last week about a logo. One whom I repeatedly mentioned that I was worried my style would not fit his needs based on the images he sent and his desire for modern. Quite honestly, I am not ever sure why he picked me except for that I think one of his friends used me.

I get another message from him wondering where his logo was but I’d not had an order. I thought maybe it was just incomplete so I messaged back that I was sorry, I did not see an order however I was still concerned my style would not fit his needs. He ordered anyway. And put me through the ringer on revisions and then left me the weirdest feedback. And 4.5 stars. I’m pretty sure over my style. The one I warned him about. Ugh, I do not get people. I mean he was nice enough the rating could be a lot worse but WHY? Oh well, I made a whopping 8.00, lol

“Good communication but the style is not exactly what we are after. If youre after a funky logo Gail is your gal. Thanks”

Your intuition was telling you he would be a problem so you had the option to cancel his order. Yes they do order no matter what you try to tell them about why they shouldn’t. It happens every day to me.

I don’t understand why that falls on me though. I told him even before the screen shot message I was concerned with style. I shouldn’t have to shoulder all the blame on these things.

It’s not fair. But they do these things. Why? Who knows.
I listen to my intuition and do not question it. The problem is that it happens so frequently.

They often won’t cancel though and I end up with an even uglier review. I still wish they’d give us the option of rejecting an order we feel won’t fit our skills set.

Yes they refuse to cancel when they are this way. Indeed we need an option to simply choose to cancel any order. But this is only a distant dream.

I get offers for website designs that I do not feel I am a good fit for their aesthetics. When I tell them that, they usually disappear. I appreciate you sharing your story. I feel I will be cautious with a buyer (and probably cancel) if they go ahead and order after reading this.