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Not one page on the internet explains what "words included" means!

What does words included mean?


If you mean translation work, it is about how many words is included in your gig/order, how many words will you translate for the certain price

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What’s the context? What’s the service you wish to offer (or purchase)?


music video editing.

In Short “Included word” means what you offer to your customer extra with your service which you specified in your gig’s.

I don’t see “words included” in existing music video editing gigs.

But then again, I don’t offer services in that category, so I could be missing something. In my category it’s pretty clear (I’m a writer), and I guess it’s just as clear in translation, editing and proofreading. Or voice overs. It’s how many words are included in a price.

A screenshot of where you got stuck might help, or a more thorough explanation. Or you could wait for another video editor to see your post and respond.


I dont understand your question.

Not sure without context, but:

Some music videos are also lyrics videos.
Some music videos need subtitles.

If you’re just editing, you probably can leave that option blank and/or off your gig offer.