Not Only People Who Like It


Dogs and cats like it too - SUNBATHING. They have never done any research whatsoever why they need the ray of the sun. They do it with their instinct for the need of vitamin D. So I read.


Thylacines (Tasmanian Tiger) sunbathing.


@misscrystal Awww… they´re so cute! I love animals :heart_eyes:



I am sure it’s instinctual, plus the sun on a body is just a great feeling! A little sore muscle or a chill, the sun just soothes it away. :slight_smile:


@fonthaunt I have seen a lot my dogs really like sunbathing, I have also seen some cats sunbathing throughout my life. I discussed that with my husband two nights ago why they like to do that. I mean, they are not like some people who want to get tanned. And since I wanted to know more, I Googled it :slight_smile: By the way, when horses are sunbathing, it means they are comfortable enough with their surroundings.

@misscrystal I recommend that video that I posted previously in this thread about a cat stealing (edited: borrowing) a tiger plush. It´s funny to watch :slight_smile: