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Not Order fiverr account

3 monts up running fiverr account create but not order,plz sulition


You really need to work on your English. Unfortunately, right now, your English isn’t good enough to sell to English-speaking customers on Fiverr.

That entire description needs re-writing from scratch - none of it makes any sense.

I’d recommend having a native English speaker rewrite it for you, but the problem is going to be communicating with buyers - you’re not going to be able to effectively communicate.

Sadly, I think until you can improve your English skills, you’re not going to be successful here.

Ok Thanku So much…

Be patient and insha’Allah the order will come.
though I am a new seller

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you should work with patience and carry on OK best of luck for the next steps on fiver :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hello! The reason can be the lack of good communication. You can be the best seller in your service, but if you can’t speak the language buyers speak, they will not understand anything you say. 1st of all, you can take help of your fellows and friends who have bettter English Speaking skills, you can ask them to re-write your gig description.

Then, start watching English Movies with Subtitles, so you can learn more about the language. It will be tough in the start, you may pause at every long sentence to read, but that’s okay. Start getting English language lessons.

There’s only a barrier of Language, which I’m sure you can cover in a month or two.

Best of luck


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what is the gig category?

Be patient.Read the forum articles about getting more orders.
That will help you.