Not paid $5


why is this site called FIVErr instead of FOURer or something?


You really just asked that?

It’s because the Buyer buys gigs starting at $5.00.

Just because you, as a seller only get $4.00 doesn’t matter because the Buyer buys gigs starting at $5.00


well excuse me big bad billy boyyy but it should be moreso focused on the people doing the work. and kudos for answering a rhetorical question… not.


:frowning: This is a community, let’s practice some pro-social behavior together.

Fiverr is the largest marketplace for services that START at $5. And Fiverr, runs …provides hosting… provides customer support… provides traffic, for $1

They’re you’re 20% partner. That’s why you earn $4 for each $5 you get.