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Not promoted and not received queries

Hello guys,

in recent evolution my profile has been promoted to level 2 seller. from level 2 days I didn’t receive any queries or sales. When I was level 1 seller everyday at least one sale or query i received but now its suddenly stopped. Is there any issue?

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“Promotion Day” was less than two days ago. If you were promoted to Level 2 seller less than two days ago, don’t you think it’s a little fast to be complaining about not having more sales as a result of that promotion? Give it time. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. Buyers can hire you at any time – whenever they choose to work with you. Being promoted to Level 2 does not mean you instantly have more orders. That’s not how the seller levels work.

If you don’t have the kind of sales you want, perhaps you can try marketing and promoting your gigs on your own. Reach out to your target customers, and bring them to your services. If they need what you have to offer, they will hire you.


i’m not complaining about why not get more sales. i’m talking about only that before promoted i get regular sales and regular queries, what happened after promoted in asking like that

It’s been two days. The point is that isn’t enough time to note a trend.

You’re assuming there is a problem but you don’t have the time or data to even consider that. That isn’t how trend analysis works. Be patient. Consider variables.

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thank you but what about my past impressions and views when i’m on level 1. if i promoted it will decrease?