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Not publishing the gig

I complete my English test to publish the gig but still I can’t able to do that
even If I pass in the test but they are still saying you have to retake your test, this is very inappropriate
please, fix that issue sir.
Thank you.

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Hello rajnish
i faced same issue two days before during publishing of my first Gig

You need to open 1st Gig(Draft) and then last Tab tab you choose English test. where you attempt the test after clicking the button. When your test got passed

Then you be able to publish first Gig . its new fiverr policy .

Thank you

thank you sir, for replying,
but can elaborate
which last tab you are talking about

same here . I also complete some test but not able to getting any result

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sorry Mr. @exhanraja i have a question so
yesterday i was posting my first gig but choose english test ? for publish my gig?

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Yes you need to pass english test before publishing first gig


You must score at least 7/10 to be able to publish your gig.

yes yesterday i post my first gig and fiverr don’t ask me to take the test English.
so my question how or wehere is the test english in fiverr .can you guide me the page ?

i am so sorry for few question :sweat_smile:

thank you Mr @exhanraja

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m also facing the same problem , i have done 2 test basic english and fiverr english test
then i published the gig

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