Not really $5 anymore, is it?


It’s amazing how many sellers want more than 1 gig for what I know are simple (sometimes 10-15 minutes) jobs. They advertise they will do something for 1 gig, but when asked about something before ordering, they want 2 gigs. I guess there’s not really $5 gigs anymore? Just a rant.


It deppens what you asked before you make order… If you ask more then seller offer in gig offcourse it would take extra cost.


Not sure what type of gig you were looking at, but lets see if there is a way to figure this out. Lets say below is what the seller put in the gig description


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If the above is all you asked for, it should be $5. But if you ask for anything beyond the above or asked for something extra, the seller has the right to ask for more money.

My basic gig can take me 2 hours to complete. I put the basic requirements of the $5 gig in my description and if that is all the buyer wants I deliver, no matter how long it takes me to complete it. But if they ask for something more than what I have listed as a basic gig, I charge more (i.e. gig extras)

In your case, we don’t have the complete picture. Maybe you can fill us in.

dysschord said: for what I know are simple (sometimes 10-15 minutes) jobs.
I'm not being mean, but this type of comment is seen far more often than it should be. Again, I'm not attacking you for it, but the reality is, that if something is as 'simple', 'easy', 'quick' etc., as a person assumes it is, they would do it themself instead of going to the effort to find, hire and work with someone else. At the very least they don't want to do it, so why bother balking at what someone else requires to motivate them to do it? Just saying.

And yes, there are sellers here who don't actually offer anything for $5. It's against the rules and they should be reported. Every seller must offer what is in the gig title for $5.


My take on this is that as long as everyone offers at least one (small) service for $5, it’s a great deal! There’s a lot of really great professionals on here doing high quality work and a lot of buyers willing to pay more for it. At least for a US seller, a $5 gig should take about 15 minutes to complete in order for us to make close to a living wage. If something takes longer than that, it’s only fair to charge more/pay more. We are competing in a global marketplace, no doubt, but we have to make it worth our time or we won’t be here. Fiverr’s genius is in offering a wide variety of quality services that’s easy to market as a seller, and easy to find as a buyer. If you do your homework on the sellers, you’ll find there’s some really top quality work here and high quality people are actually making careers here. I think that’s amazing!


I offer $5 gigs. They get ordered once in a while, but i would say very rarely. Some times i will get a request for a basic gig but the description is for something a lot more time consuming. I give them the option to cancel or upgrade. most of the time i cancel. They just dont interest me when i have 5-10 gigs in the queue that are $40 or more. Most buyers realize that quality takes time. Lately most of the custom quotes have been $100 or more and the buyers have been extremely pleased with the results. Regardless of whether it takes 15 minutes or 15 hours different skills and different locations require different pay.


All the basic gigs are 5$ . For more,you have extras… what’s so hard?


There’s nothing wrong with up-selling and of course, every seller should be able to charge what the work is worth The problems arise when a seller doesn’t offer a basic, complete gig for $5. In the above example, the seller was either ignorant of how to use the Fiverr system to add extras or was just too lazy to create a separate gig for each ‘product’. But very often (at least when I’ve browsed) there are loads of gigs where the title of the $5 gig is what amounts to a teaser and the description explains how much it will actually cost. Ex: “I will build a website for $5”, reality after ordering or contacting seller: "I will design a single page mock-up for a website for $5. Design of 3 additional pages, coding and uploading will be $300, because it’s difficult and takes time to build a website so I deserve that much money."

I may be slightly exaggerating, but the point is valid.