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Not really a fiver

So for a b&w sketch I’ve been quoted $20 and $30 and I haven’t actually seen anything on here for a fiver…

false advertising?

I see lots of people bragging about reaching $300 etc. - oh you sold 2 gigs? that’s great - not for buyers!

It should be called


I’m not sure what kind of sketch you wanted, but I’m guessing that if the sketch would have been simple, you would have gotten it for $5. Maybe you asked for a detailed background with a lot of stuff going on, and that added up to $20?

I myself offer drawing gigs, and for the basic $5 I work on a line drawing. For an additional $5, I add color to it. However it is clearly mentioned in my gig title that I will work on a LINE drawing for $5, so I believe it is not false advertising. Many people who offer drawing/design gigs do say "I will do so and so STARTING from $5."

I am aware that many people come to Fiverr hoping to get stuff done for $5, but not many people will be willing to do a $30 worth of work for $5. (well, it’s $4 to be exact!) If you are willing to pay $5 and $5 only, the gig will end up being $5 worth of work.

Having that said, there are some people who actually do work on $30 worth of work for $5, so I’d say keep searching! :slight_smile:


The seller may try to upsell you. However, every seller is supposed to have a service that starts at $5.

Let’s be honest, like animation job like my gigs, we simply cannot quote $5 for a minute of video. It will takes many hours to create just that 1 min. But I did take up jobs for $5 as they were just a line of script. I earned $4 for that, but for the time for communicating with the buyers, thinking of the presentation for the animation, nearly 30 min of works, rendering the video, uploading and not forgetting some edit and revisions of jobs…

So even if it stated $5, but please tell yourself even the sellers upselling $10 $20… or more, if you think it does not worth this pricing, simply move on.

I believe there are many great sellers here that offer good quality jobs/services than many other online micro jobs platforms.

@vince007 - To be honest… If that’s the case you shouldn’t even be here. The simple fact is that the site is called Fiverr. And I’m pretty sure that every seller needs to have a gig that starts at 5 bucks.

Reply to @bachas85: I never tire of seeing this. It’s such a brilliant description. :slight_smile:

Reply to @bachas85: Brilliant!

Reply to @vince007: And then the buyer asks for a re-do, that’s another 30 minutes :slight_smile:


Sheriff’s Note: Highjacking threads and promoting your gig isn’t allowed.

As it been said all services starts at $5 and then raise up accordingly what the buyer ask for, I offer a Black & White Sketch for $5, if buyer need Ink & Color thats an “extra gig” which means you pay and extra in order for it to be done. Fiverr is not about getting all for $5 but getting work that starts at a very low budget as $5 and the it raises up according your custom order :slight_smile:

Go hire a level 1 to do your job, a lot of level 1’s are willing to go above and beyond to get good reviews. This is marketplace, you can shop around. Fiverr is certainly not overpriced, there are people that do amazing things for $5, things that at other websites will cost you more than $5. My suggestion is you create some gigs of your own, and then buy what you need with the money you make on Fiverr. You’ll also save on transaction fees by doing that.

@fastcopywroter - Now that’s some good advice. Especially the part about saving on Fees by using your Fiverr balance.

Reply to @bachas85: I also think this is a great analogy. Well done.

Reply to @bigbadbilly: Thank you, Big Bad Billy, love your name. :slight_smile:

I think the OP has a valid point that is being obscured in the thread. As it is obscured in every other thread on this topic.

The gig title should be the actual thing that is sold for $5. If an artist ONLY sells a line drawing of an eyeball for $5, the gig title should be “I will draw a line drawing of an eyeball for $5”, not “I will draw a person for $5” and then explain in the description that for an actual person it will be 4 gigs or a list of extras.

TITLE: “I will give you a fruit salad for $5” - DESCRIPTION: “A single gig will get you a slice of apple - buy ten gigs for a fruit salad. Or add a gig extra for each additional type of fruit”. Yeah, no.

Rationalizing how to bait & switch based on the time or effort involved in a particular gig does not make it ‘right’ nor does it technically fall within the Fiverr ToS.

The problem is that no-one wants to be honest - including Fiverr. Get the order placed and then think about the potential consequences after the money is in the bank.

If, as a seller, it is not worth your time to produce a ‘thing’ for $5 ($4 less fees, net) stop trying to trick buyers into thinking that it is, and change your gig titles. At the very least, stop whining about how buyers always want more than you offer when you intentionally mislead them to believe they will get more!

Useless rant over. Good day. :slight_smile: