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Not really new, but I'm back!


Hey Guys,

My name is William, but all my friends call me Prince William (I quite like it!)
I created my account a few years ago (can’t remember when), and found that it was so easy - I got orders almost instantly and really enjoyed it. At the time however, I lived in Zimbabwe (feel free to take a moment of silence), and I had no way to transfer earnings from PayPal to a bank account (third world problems!). So I kinda lost interest - but ordered stuff from the site every once in a while.

My situation has changed greatly, and I’m pleased to see that my account still maintains a 5 star rating for the 15? orders that I completed back then. I’ve removed all the old gigs and created a whole bunch of new ones that I feel are more inline with my current skills. I’m working on a whole bunch of other projects, but I really enjoyed Fiverr and want to revive my account to help people.

Outside of Fiverr I am working on a commercial novel (based on a true story). And I’m also working on a website for the country of Mozambique! I enjoy writing articles - love exploring new topics and rewording ideas to form something completely new. I also have experience in website design, php programming, html and a few other things. I also love playing with designs - I prefer Inkscape to the Adobe products… I think its easier to use and besides - it’s free.

I worked as an IT consultant for a computer company many years ago, and met some amazing people. But I quickly got tired of the IT industry - after a while there are never any new challenges (except whenever Microsoft decided on stupid upgrades and confusing changes). I felt like I had experienced it all and it was all becoming so routine.

I’m finding that this time around, I’m struggling to get orders on Fiverr… My gig listings are very basic (don’t judge). I am working on designs and sales copy to make them better - but it takes time… I’m hoping that my 5 star rating and level 1 status will convince people that I can deliver exceptional work in my areas of expertise.

One other thing… Fiverr has definitely changed A LOT since I was last here. I’m so glad to see all the improvements. It’s absolutely amazing - but I also see some deterioration in some areas.

Let me not ramble on too much…

Prince William


Welcome back, Your Highness!
(you are a Prince, right? haha)

Glad you like it. Enjoy it and good luck!
Hope the best for you.

Best Regards,


Prince William
Hello , I Cant believe You are here. What happened In Palace. I think They kicked you out, so sad…But Dont worry Fiverr will not Kick you out. This is the right place for all types of person .

So welcome
and best of luck


Welcome back! Good luck with your renewed fiverr presence. It’s good to hear about what people do outside of fiverr.


Got two orders a few days ago… the first one has actually been really difficult. Complicated buyer! But it’s almost done now… I really hope I get a good review for all the effort I have put in and all the “yes, I can absolutely do that for you.”