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Not really ranting but sort of?


So I think we get those sellers every now and then who expects us to reply right away.
In some cases we just can’t do that for different reasons; like time differences ( yes, we DO sleep!), you were at work, or you had something else you need to do that was more important, etc.

I got a message from a buyer, he wanted me to work on a translation file which was OK, but it was very big and I had to really think about it and check my other work schedule. I did message him, but I guess I wasn’t doing it quickly enough.

Long story short, he accused me of ignoring him.
He also said that he saw me online (I guess he saw the green dot), and me not replying right away came across as ignoring him.
I tried to be nice and told him I WAS online, but was in a situation where I couldn’t reply right away. Well, I was at work. I thought I could reply to him during my lunch break, but that was not until several hours later…

and by the time I finished lunch and got back to him he was very angry I guess. I got replies like

“So being online doesn’t mean you can answer right? So what you were doing? Scrolling? Please.”

“You just didn’t feel like answering at that moment. technically ignoring me. Next time just be honest about it, don’t try to give me that mature answer bs

Uhhhh, I’m at my workplace teaching ya know, and I can’t type a reply within my 5 minute break.
I COULD have simply replied using 3 or 4 words, but I personally don’y like those types of replies.

I won’t be working on the project of course, and yeah, the “bs” did p*ss me off a bit, so I went ahead and blocked him. Good luck to him though, I hope the translator he hired replies to all of his messages within 5 minutes…:sweat_smile:


I feel it is good sometimes when we don’t get an order from such buyers…Why would any seller avoid the offer to earn more money…obviously there must be some genuine reason.


The budget he offered was too low for me anyway, but you’re right, if I had accepted the work things might have gone ugly. I guess this person was just a bit too impatient. :roll_eyes:


You can easily tell these people that the Fiverr app on your mobile phone is running in the background and that’s what made you show up as online, even though you had the phone on silent in some pocket hidden away while you were at work :wink: And that would be true, too.

You saved your sanity by avoiding such a buyer, because that’s not a buyer I’d wish to anyone :grimacing:


I have a job due to which I cannot reply to people and it takes me about 12 hours to reply. But I just go through messages in a cursory way and say, “Thank you for contacting me and I will get back to you in a few hours.”


I sometimes do that depending on the situation, but for this guy I didn’t send such a message but I replied within 12 hours for each message. I also added that I was at work and I’ll reply after I got back, so I’d like to believe there was enough communication going on between us. Sadly he didn’t see things that way. Awe dang it!


I was actually quite surprised with how he snapped back so quickly.
He first told me it was OK if I spent more than a month working on the file which made me think this guy has plenty of time and is not in a rush…but the moment I failed to reply to him within hours, get gets all upset and throws the BS bomb at me.
I’m glad I was able to dodge it :crazy_face:


I work from 4 to 8 (since i work with kids that go to school and I’m with them after classes) which means that for those two hours, I can’t be on my phone. Somehow these ‘urgent’ buyers ALWAYS find me at those hours, so I can totally understand your point lol. I usually put my phone rooms away from me and only check it once in an hour to see if the kids’ mom texted me or something so there were times when I saw that I had one of those ‘pushy’ people sending a message every moment, but I couldn’t actually reply… idk what will happen when I’m an actual teacher working proper teaching hours… I would say in most of these cases it’s best if we don’t end up getting these jobs, maybe we’d have to deliver in 10 minutes. You are lucky that you don’t have to work for this guy, he’d probably drive you crazy…

The thing that annoys me is (which is only due to time zones tho) when someone writes to me at 9 PM on a Saturday / Sunday when I’m out drinking/eating. I’m always like 'uh, sorry, I’ll be back to you in a moment!"


Don’t they own our souls for that $5? :tongue:


This are the kind of questions I would expect couples to ask each other… When I think of it, I imagine those movie time when they catch their better half cheating on them and the excuse is “babe it’s no what it looks like” or “it’s not what you are thinking” Well I was thinking of buying a new car and it looks like this house needs renovation…


I guess some people are willing to sell their soul, and as long as they are happy with that, fine, but not me!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

His budget was lower than my rate, but I am aware that I do charge a bit more I believe than a lot of translators here, so I’m sure he can find another person to work for him.
He/she just needs to be online 24-7!!


I’ve had people think I was online and ignoring them when actually I was online working on something for someone else.


I’d like to believe that most people will understand that “online” doesn’t mean you are ready to dedicate your time 100% for that one buyer…but I guess some people just don’t think that way. :roll_eyes:

Good news for me is that after I decided not to work for this guy, I was contacted by my regular and now I get to draw his dog and his friend’s dog. :relaxed: