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Not receive any buyer orders yet

i’m not receive any buyer orders yet … let me know why is it happen ?

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Cy has some advice for you.


In order to get orders your online presence is important.

There are hundreds of posts in this forum on that. Look it up.


I understand that we all get upset with lots of these no one wants my services. I also haven’t landed a single client since I have been here. I get that no one wants to get in that hole with you but I also wonder if being so curt is actually helpful?

So I had a look at your profile and one Gig. Here’s what I thought if I were to find you:

  • there is a lower case “i” for I (being you)
  • your prices are all the same and so low - do I get true unique professional work for that sort of pricing? Being the same price for everything makes me feel that this is cookie-cutter and not a specialist.
  • Poor grammar: I Will Design “A” Modern Business Logo". Don’t I assume the logo will be new & therefore “of the times”? How about classy or effective instead?
  • Your Hero image is of many logos on a page. yet your Eagon Logo is truly heroic. Use single logos per image.
  • your pricing options offer me multiple logos. I don’t want 3 logos, I want one great one that encapsulates what my business does. Work on upselling that. Maybe even filling out alternate versions (we all need em) or a starter pack like logo, card, letterhead…
  • don’t tell me you are the best, show me.

These all show that you understand my needs instead of being some guy trying to make $5. Now I know Fiverr is a terrible space to show what makes you special as they give you so little space but what about some sort of case study in a short video with a testimonial?