Not receive fiverr app notification- Lost more than $200 revenue


I downloaded fiverr app for android 2 weeks ago. At the beginning there wasn’t any issue. But now I don’t receive any notification from it. I lost 6 orders due to this. (due to late reply) I try to run push notification test in settings. But app was unable to do it.


That’s awkward :zipper_mouth_face:. Install the latest app/update the current one. beside Fiverr notification, I also use E mail notification.


My app doesn’t always sync properly so I’ve learnt not to rely on it. I have push notifications for my email enabled because that’s the safest way to ensure I see the messages and important notifications when I’m not using my laptop. That works well for me because I don’t get many emails besides those from Fiverr on that account, perhaps you can try that as well.


My system is up-to-date.


I have faced this type "Delay Notification " issue on other Android apps too. As order notifications are very important just do not rely on a single method. :slight_smile:


See the difference between app vs desktop browser! Look at the date. Same request, different dates. I think there should be bug in fiverr systems.


Totally agree. I’ve been facing this issue as well. May be something to do with the Device we use? The one that I’m using is the latest one. I tried several times to logout and then do settings again for push notification but I get them at the delayed stage.

But as @roots282 said, i’ve my Gmail notification ON. That helps to reply prospective buyer in timely manner.


check the clock of your computer :wink: :clock5:


Everything is ok. But…