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Not received any I created my gig a month ago

I created this gig about a month ago about an Excellent SEO keyword Research and optimized it on keywords also shared on social media including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but not received any order till now. buyer request section is empty every time I Check it. please tell me how to get orders.


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Just because you couldn’t get an answer in 4 minutes does not mean that you should post a second message. It is called bumping and it is against forum rules.


Let me be really direct:

You are an SEO expert but can’t SEO your own Gig to world domination?

This is either proof that SEO is so much :poop: or you really are not the Excellent SEOer you claim to be. Either way, I suspect you must have a very thick skin.

Maybe there is another thing that you are really good at. Good enough that once people see you doing it, they will want to throw money at you so they don’t have to do it themselves. Maybe:

I will lipsync your song for you to make a music video

Freelancing is hard, don’t waste time doing what you cannot because some fool on YouTube told you it was money for nothing.



Discouraging Comment! I did not asked for optimization as I have done it the best way I could I just asked for help to get my first order as I am a new Seller at fiverr I started freelancing just now it means I do not know much about fiverr and fiverr’s behavior about new sellers. I thought it would help me out reaching out people at fiverr forum which is supposed to help others by discussing. but I think I was wrong


@benedictrm is not trying to discourage you! He’s just stating obvious facts.

The Forum is an awesome place to gain all sorts of knowledge (even on non-Fiverr related topics).

For tips on how to get your first order, check out the “Tips for Sellers” category. You’ll find really useful tips there! Good luck!

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I did give you advice. Throwing it back in my face does not speak well for your future in business.

It seems that you think if you come to the forum, someone will hand you a paid job, or at least hand you exactly what will bring you a paid job. It does not work like that. If all it took to open the flood gates of fame & fortune was one little job, I would not be knocking back Rappers with bad songs, I’d be saying sorry, too busy to bands like Metallica. Instead I am worrying over saying no to a job that I could take the money for but probably never bake a happy client seeing the song is too broken to ever fly (not to mention stolen).

As noted I stated what appeared as observable facts. You say you are an SEO Expert - which brings suggestion that you bring in people which means you bring in business. Yet here you are saying you have no idea how to do that very thing.

That is indeed worrying. Depressing even. I was giving you another path, maybe with some humor added.

Being a selller means that you have to know your game. As noted above I walk away from jobs I know I either can’t relate to personally/professionally or that I know won’t work. If you have set up a Gig that you don’t know how to do in a place that you don’t understand how to work, it is gonna faceplant (oh that lovely face with the George Michael sunnies).

That is what I am suggesting that you fix or change.



What was your progress for the past week?