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Not received any reviews yet & He also shows me as a repeat buyer!

Please explain to me.
I finished my first order and sent it to the buyer. He expressed his appreciation and thanks for it but he has not received any reviews yet(
It was completed automatically). He also shows me as a repeat buyer. This is a problem for me, please resolve this if possible.


If you mean “returning buyer” it seems to always say that even when a buyer has only bought once from a seller (unless they have another title like Top Buyer) - as well as when they’ve bought more than once from the seller.

For the review, just leave it. Don’t ask for a review. They get reminded by Fiverr. The buyer will review if they want to. They don’t have to leave a review if they don’t want to. If you ask for a review there’s a chance you could get a warning. Send offers to buyer requests you can do well if you want to improve your chances of another order.


Thank you so much…please can you explain this? (Repeat Buyer in the image below)Screenshot (175)_LI

Yes you’re right, it says it there. I thought you were talking about the inbox (that’s where it says “returning buyer” etc.). It seems a bit of a bug/incorrect message since it says that for buyers that haven’t repeatedly purchased from a seller (eg. it says it for one of my buyers who have only made 1 order with me). If you wanted you could report it as a bug to CS if it’s a buyer who’s only bought once from you or just leave it.

I’m assuming it’s meant to mean “has bought >1 time from the seller it shows it to” (though it’s not correct for that as it currently works), but maybe it could mean that the buyer has made >1 order on Fiverr (eg. other orders could have been from another seller). Edit: my guess is that’s how it currently works (since there’s 1 order from a seller without the “repeat buyer” badge there and the only review they have on their profile is from a date after the order with me, so at the time they probably hadn’t previously made any order on Fiverr). They could add a help pop-up to show more info on that.

I have faced same problem.

Thank you very much! :face_with_monocle:

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I’m not so clear yet … but just have a little idea.

I’ve seen that too on some of my one-time buyers. I think it is because they have bought consistently from other buyers and fiverr is giving me a heads-up that they are buyers to keep? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Just guessing tho

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thank you barrisam
yeah …I think… :+1:
I found something …

Same here, One returning place a order to my gig & after deliver the order he doesn’t leave a review. but he accept the delivery. Also, Returning buyer means "A buyer purchase a service from firverr logn time ago like (6-9 month ago) after that if that customer back to fiverr & looking for service then fiverr put them in “Returning buyer” category. Hope your clear now…

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yeah thank a lot… :+1:

Same problem i am fasing