Not received but been chargedfor 3 gigs


Hi guys, I just purchased a gig and have been charged through paypal but have not received any email regarding the gig, there is also no sign of it on my fiverr account. This happened last week but was for 3 gigs off a different seller, same again charged 15 off of paypal but received nothing. I contacted seller but he said he had no record of me. I can’t use fiverrs resolution center as you need to use your order form which I have not got as there is no record of the purchase through fiverr. I want to know where the blame lies…is it with fiverr, the seller or paypal?

Thanks in advance.


Hi madmoo, thats the thing I received nothing from fiverr…I usual receive 2 emails per transaction as soon as payment has went through. So there is no record whatsoever. Its as if the transaction never happened. Its shows on paypal though.


No bother, cheers anyway.