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Not receiving any order from any buyer

I dont seem to get orders at all,I send my offers completely everyday,though I get messages but they dont result to orders,some take samples and leave while some just leave without a word…
I have responsibilities too,I need orders,can anyone help???

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Try offering smaller services starting at $5. Even if you want to sell at $10 then try to explain to the buyers that what they will get and what special they will get if they order from you in your gig description. Keep 1 to 5 lines with an attractive catchy description that holds a buyer at your gig and generate an interest in your service.

Your gig description is too plain and simple. Modify it. :slight_smile:


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Here are my Gigs,sir,Kindly help check the errors…thanks …https://■■■■■■/2r1Co1v




you’ll want to fix your typo here in your profile blurb “praticable digital marketing”

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Your titles need some work they are very vague. Better keyword usage and more strategic placement within your titles.

Can you help me on that,ma???
Will be glad if you can

Um, aren’t you a master marketer??? Wouldn’t you know your niche better than me, ultimately?

Hmmm,but no man knows all,and welearn everyday,Let me learn from you

I’m happy to offer my services. Please contact me through my gig to discuss my rates.

May I ask what makes you think that it is appropriate to request that another seller take their free time to critique and correct your gig verbiage. I recommend you hire someone on Fiverr to do that. This is not the forum for free work.

Most people want top - quality work… without having to pay for it.

The majority of new Seller’s copyrighting woes would be solved if they would just invest the money needed.

@goldendiamond05 If you’d like to ask other users to have a look at your gigs and offer their opinions, please post in ‘Improve my Gig’.

Just the right place for what you want. :slightly_smiling_face:

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okay sir,I will do that,thanks