Not receiving any order


Hello friends,
Will you check my profile and guide me about any improvement required to received my first order and starting a career as freelance on fiverr. Please guide me how to received order.


We can only offer you help in improving the way your gig looks. There is nothing that we can do to guarantee that you with “get your first order”, or “start a career as a freelance on Fiverr”. You are responsible for doing what needs to be done to EARN your sales and orders. No one can do that for you.

Please keep in mind too, Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. If you are expecting sales without the hard work that comes with running a business (which is what your gigs are), then you’re not likely to see any – perhaps even any – sales.

Success requires hard work. Are you willing to research, experiment, market, and promote your gig? Or are you just sitting back, waiting for free sales?


I’ve made a lot of purchases on Fiverr (>400), and the gig image is always what draws me in, no matter what category I’m searching in.

Search in your category in a way that you imagine your buyers might. See what grabs your eye, and make your art better than theirs.