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Not receiving any order,

i’m new on fiverr, i sent 27 request to fiverr but didn’t get any order.


Most businesses gain customers by marketing and promoting their products or services to the target customers that need what those business offer. Have you been marketing and promoting your services to your target customers?

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you have to be consistent my friend 27 buyers requests are nothing i my self received my first order after applying to 400 buyers requests !

Check this out this post can help you

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Share your gig on social media websites if you are not getting order then try to make some changes in title or desc or tags hope will get orders soon

thanks for sharing your expereince

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yes i shared my gigs on social media

i have changed the keywords also.

And, have you gotten any sales from the links you’ve posted on social media? :thinking:

Commonsense would indicate that, if you’re not getting sales from your links on social media, then that’s clearly not where your target customers are located. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


OMG, @pacquo! :smile:

Funny stuff!

1st comic: There are a few people, I can think of who needs one of those. :no_mouth:


same over here

keep boosting your gigs. Hope a positive impact will come.

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Dear Raihan Brother.
How can i boost my gigs?

bro, do marketing on social sites

Facebook groups name?

search fiverr on f-b search bar. u’ll find so many groups

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should i promote it only for gigs like?

yes. you can do this

Buyers get a lot of ‘buyer requests’. It will order orders from a best seller with the lowest prices and services it offers.
So, try applying the Lowest Price with the short letter of the service you provide.
In addition, promote daily gig in social media networks and discover the market.

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Thank You dear sister