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Not receiving any Orders... any thoughts

I am a Corporate Security Professional, new to Fiverr, just got few orders and now after 4 weeks of in-activity, I am wondering, will I get an order or not? Anyone with any solution. I have already dropped prices of my gigs, what else I can do?

Is anyone else facing such experience?

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try to modify gig! more due to COVID19 Market hit badly hold till good days!


With Covid people should be buying more cause they’re at home.

Advertise outside of fiverr. If fiverr is like any other website in the world which it is. it appreciate backlinks to the gig, giving theirsite more votes to google to rank them in SERPS, (search engine ranked positions). Post on social media, specifically yours. More backlinks I’d imagine the higher you will appear in Fiverrs own search index.

Counter argument: People are buying less, because their at home not working and not being paid. People who can’t work can’t risk spending on non-essentials.