Not receiving any orders since the past couple of days


I’m just curious to know if this is happening with everyone else, and I get that it’s the holiday season and I’m fine with taking a break and all. What has been the drop(if any) in orders you felt during the past 10 days?


Please wait its Christmas time.


Check your impressions(which Fiverr is fixing right now for some accounts as it’s not showing) and then see if you’re Gig is still in the search results. If you’re Gig isn’t listed at all then let Customer Service know and they’ll fix the issue and you should be getting your regular flow of orders again.

If you’re still in the search results, then it could just be a slow time due to the holidays. Give it a little bit of time and things should go back to normal.


Just wait…it``s the Yuletide seaon, this wil pass… :yum:



20th December to 5th January is Slow Period.