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Not Receiving Email Alerts From Fiverr

Beginning yesterday, 11/3/14, I stopped receiving email alerts of gig orders and messages. Is anyone else experiencing this? It’s a real problem for me because, unless I want to chain myself to my computer and check Fiverr all day, I depend on those email prompts on my phone to alert me of new orders. I didn’t file a support ticket because – LOL – I’ve sent those in previously and nothing ever happened with them. Support? Fiverr really has no support system at all…other than to acknowledge that you’ve sent in a ticket. Anyway, if anyone else is having this problem, please let me know. I don’t know whether the problem is with Fiverr of my Verizon email account. Happy Selling :slight_smile:

Sorry you’re having trouble. Haven’t heard of any other issues. Have you tried with another browser?

Have you checked your spam folder? I stopped getting Fiverr messages once and it turned out that for some reason they had started to go to the spam folder. Also make sure that you are still set to receive all notifications in your account settings. Hope it gets resolved soon!