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Not receiving enough information from a buyer

Hi there,

For about 4 months I have been doing freelance work through Fiverr, and it has been great! I have done about 38 deliveries with 21 5-star reviews.

Unfortunately, I received an order with little to no information. He or she even left me a link concerning a big portion of the information, but the link does not work.

After contacting the buyer multiple times over a span of 3 days (my delivery time is 3 days), I had to use Fiverr’s Resolution Center. Selecting the option that the buyer did not give enough information to complete the order.

I then get a message saying that my completion rate will be reduced and I will be lowered in the rankings?!

I did not even receive enough information to even start on the order. How am I supposed to defend my gig?

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Contact support,explain the situation and ask them to cancel the order without affecting your stats


I didn’t know this was a possibility. Thank you for your prompt respond!

it’s not 100% that it will work , but support is usually great , if you are right they will help

I hate it when buyers ask you to view a link to get the information you ask for in your Buyer Requirements. I don’t work with people who think nothing of giving me extra work to do and can’t be bothered to fill out a brief form to make the most of their purchase.

Another pet peeve of mine: when, instead of answering the questions, they write to refer to the pre-order conversation. Well, no I’m not doing extra work for every order and, as this is a contract, I need everything in the order requirements. Otherwise if there’s a dispute it could be hard to prove. But mostly it’s just annoying. UGH