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Not receiving final accept and invoice

I am not a new buyer. The Paydal process has worked fine with one seller. With a new seller delivering my product, I expected to then accept it and pay the invoice. Neither of these options was made available. Now, while i have communicated to the seller what is happening, and she tried sending me my product again, nothing has changed. So I have the product without any way to pay for it. And worse, when attempting to contact Fiverr, filling out the online customer support info, the email or notification would not go out citing “wrong order number.” Very frustrating for both me and seller. Where do I/we go from here? Terrible process. Fine when it works, unacceptable when it doesn’t.

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That’s not how fiverr works :thinking:
You first place an order, pay it in full and only after that your seller can start working on your order, when they deliver it you have a big green button “accept the order” or ask for revision. If you accept an order then your order getting marked as a complete and funds released to seller.

It looks like you went the wrong way about it. Do you even have an open order? Did you get an email with “here is your delivery”? Did you receive an invoice from fiverr stating what you ordered and what is your order number?

Fiverr has a help center for buyers where they explain all
Process of how fiverr works