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Not receiving my first order

I have been working on Fiverr for more than three months but still received no order. I have tried everything but not receiving orders either directly on Gig or on buyer request. Seniors please guide me what should I do. I am very disappointed. Help me!!


Try to make more than 2 gigs, you have the right to make 7 gigs, share them in social media with a real and creative story, NO SPAMMY links, and the more important work on yourself, improve your skills and your english too, and good luck.

Here is some advice that could help you earn your first order:

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I only had to look at the thumbnails of your two gigs to see a problem with each.

One thumbnail states ‘EYE-CATCHY’. There is no such phrase. I assume you mean ‘EYE-CATCHING’. No respectable native English speaker is going to hire you if you make such a glaring error.

The other thumbnail states ‘Wordpress’. The brand - one of the most famous in the world is ‘WordPress’. You are selling yourself as a professional WordPress developer, at least get the brandname correct. Note the uppercase ‘P’.

The thumbnails show lack of attention to detail. Look at this way, if you can’t even get your own sales material correct - then you’re not in a position to get a client’s project correct.

You say you’ve “tried everything”. But you haven’t.

By the way, I’ve not clicked on your gigs to actually read them. As a buyer, the fact you’ve made mistakes on both your thumbnails would be enough to make me look elsewhere.


I appreciate the time and effort to point out gig’s mistakes. It will be useful for other sellers also including me especially for new sellers.
Thank you. :blush: