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Not Receiving New Order Email Notifications

are any of you having issues with getting new order email notifications? I am getting some, but not all.

I am personally not but try contacting customer service so they can help you out and see if everything is alright

you should get it
if you turn on your email sync

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Double check your Fiverr Profile Notifications Settings

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I’ve been receiving notifications for years and just suddenly it’s been inconsistent. I do get some emails. I will open a support ticket and see if they can look into it!

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If you’re using Yahoo mail, they are the problem. I’ve been using Yahoo mail and deeply regret it since they sometimes show you the new emails, other times they don’t.

If you’re not using Yahoo mail, nor Google mail, then your email provider or ISP might have issues (some email providers block specific email sources, and even some ISPs can block specific email sources)

Hey! I am using Google Suite (Gmail) which is a highly recommended email server to use. I noticed the emails have been delayed as of yesterday and then this morning the email notifications are not working at all. I created a ticket.

Update: Fiverr support got back to me and there was an issue with the website. It is resolved now :slight_smile: