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Not receiving order from past 2 months

I am here on fiverr from last month i made 5 gigs, i generate back links on pinterest and Instagram for targeted customer but still not received any order. kindly check my gig and give some suggestion



Your Gig seems well presented as such but my first thoughts are Who will buy these? I would assume that parents are probably not browsing Fiverr gigs and schools have a formal source they have to use.

Perhaps you need to put yourself somewhere you can develop demand from a perceived need.

I would also say a Video (or at least a photo) could help a lot as you are asking people to trust their kidlings to you.

Plus people are absolute scumbags so they could probably buy a whole book of activities for $2. What can you do to make your designs more special than an average pulp scrapbook. List of instructions/ebook of how to do these with your kooky kid? Or focus on a specialist group like ASD kids - we are always fun as kids :wink:



Thank you so much for your time
Actually I am expert in making fully customized worksheets and i also found some gigs related to my gig with lot of orders. I presented my gig with more specifications and services. Did you check my other gig that was related to CHILDREN with special needs? kindly review it and give me you valuable suggestions.

PS: i am also working on e-book for Children with Autism


Hi I am new to Fiverr does anybody know any tricks onto how to actually get buyers because I don’t seem to be getting any and I don’t know where I should promote my gig because I do not have social media… can I still get buyers without the help of social media? this is my gig

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i am here for last 6 month but not receiving any order .can you please help me.

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Oddly I find that Gigs with better value in the overall offer don’t seem to do better, maybe they even do worse.

People seem to want to pay the least, get minimal and pretend they are getting the Rolls Royce. This I find irrational so therefore hard to beat as I would not make that choice as a customer so really don’t understand how to make that sort of offer.

I increasingly think that sales these day is driven more by “like” than anything. If the person selling appears to be the type of person everyone wants to be, then they can do well, if not then close the doors, set the house on fire.



@wajeehamumtaz Send Buyer Request Every Day, and you try also different social media for your initial order


Thank you so much Aisha for you suggestion
I send buyers’ request that are relevant to my gigs. most of the time buyers requests are not relevant to my gigs. should I send all the buyers request whether relevant or irrelevant? Thank you

dont should be hopeless as a freelancer. you should try continue


Thank You Benedictrm for you time and detailed answer. It makes my mind pretty clear :slight_smile:

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