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Not receiving Orders for Long


Hey there , i am not receiving orders for long …
Is there any problem with my gigs or on profile.
I need help . Please Help me .
Look at my id:


hey, you need to research the fiverr market properly cause by that you will get the idea that what others are doing on your niche or you can say on your profession and on my point of view i will say you should use some more eye catchy image on your gig and use more description like what you are and what you are offering on this gig and why should buyers hire you instead of millions of sellers and there is many more you can use on your description just research on fiverr then you are gonna find that what’s wrong with your gig

best of luck


so much thankful to you for replying me
i will try my best improving my gig and will surely research on that :slight_smile:


ok , have a great day


and one more thing do not copy anything just try to get the idea :wink:


Okay Sir
I am having no interest to copy someone else
I always try to make my own thing
Have a great day too :wink:


sir kindly check my new gig i uploaded just now and tell me if it’s good :slight_smile: